Book Week - Books Light Up Our World

What a wonderful Book Week we had!! Our theme was "Books Light Up Our World" and the firefly was our logo.  We had lots of lights around the Library and when they were all going it really looked great.  The Juniors all coloured in a Firefly and sent them to the Library.  How colourful they were.  We had activities at lunchtime and also a special buzzer went over the speakers once a day for DEAR (drop everything and read) and no matter what lesson we had, we stopped and read.  We also had a different person reading to us every day.  Every classroom decorated their door with a book of their choice and we had a competition in the Library to "Guess How Many Bugs in the Jar".

The week ended with a Book Character Dress Up Day.

These "Book Lanterns" had a battery operated tea light inside.

 The Jars had seed lights inside and the sides were covered in glitter.

Drop Everything and Read!

 Take a look at some of our Decorated Doors.

This was an interactive Door using the app Quiver. 

On Friday we finished with a Book Character Parade.

Makerspace Wednesday

Today we had the lovely B3.  We had lots of fun building things and making catapults.  Take a look at the photos:-


ma-ker-space n.  :  a physical space, or environment, in a library that encourages hands-on collaborative learning, sharing, and creating typically through the use of technology.

This term I decided to try out a small makerspace. My first session was with the Librarians and we had domino toppling, building houses with cards, lego, cup stacking and the Sphero ball.  We had a fun lunch hour!!  We also have some lovely books relating to making and creating.

Mrs Chapple and I then decided to try the Makerspace with the Year 2's.  We are taking one class a week for the lunch hour.  Take a look at the photos so far.

David Walliams

Look out for these two books that have been purchased for the Library, they will be on green dot soon.

You might like to check out David Walliams' Website for information on his books and some fun activities.